Classes Available

In-depth, live and interactive classes at Writers Police Academy.

A Coroner’s Life

Public Safety Building : PS107/109

Jon Hagen

Crime Scene Investigation

Public Safety Building : PS113

Holly Maas

Death by Powders and Pills

Universal Driving Facility : UDF 111

Nick Place


Public Safety Building : PS110

Ian Nishimoto
Ryan Peterson

Ian Nishimoto


Universal Driving Facility : UDF 103/104

Angel Van Noie
Neil Dorner

K9 Emergency Aid

Public Safety Building : PS111

Lyn Schuh

Vehicle Contacts

Universal Driving Motor Pad : UDMP

Mike Knetzger
Jeff Steeber

Mike Knetzger

Virtual Reality Police Training Simulator

Universal Driving Facility : UD Simulator

Erik Walters

Erik Walters
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