Evidence Collection, Processing, and CSI Techniques

Investigating a crime scene, whether it is a burglary or a homicide, is a process that involves a wide range of skills and knowledge. Sure, it’s easier to solve a crime when the found evidence is a warehouse filled with stolen goods, but when the clues are as small as a single fiber or human hair, glass fragment, a partial fingerprint, or DNA collected from shed skin cells, well, the situation becomes far more complex. After all, evidence collected today could also prove beneficial years later, making the role of crime scene investigators more crucial than ever before.

Crime Scene Analyst/Investigator Holly Maas guides participants into the world of evidence collection, detailing various procedures and methods. This session includes a hands-on practical exercise of casting shoe impressions using the same tools, techniques, and materials Holly uses in the field at crime scenes.

Location: CC218/CC220

Holly Maas

Dan Feucht

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