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Important Instructions

MurderCon 2021 is VIRTUAL!

Due to COVID concerns and for safety of everyone involved in our 2021 MurderCon special event, and their families at home, we’ve moved to a virtual setting using Zoom as our teaching platform.

In order to provide our usual intensity and top-level instruction, we’ve extended class times. All sessions will be made available live, in real-time, with interactive Q&A with each of the instructors.

For logistical reasons, it is necessary that we assign all classes and times. Therefore, prior to registering, please review the full class descriptions on the “Classes” page of the Writers' Police Academy website.

During Virtual MurderCon online registration you’ll be asked to select classes and workshops you’d like to attend by order of preference (1st choice, 2nd choice, 3rd, etc.). Please be certain your selections are accurate. Class sizes are limited, and we will not be able to make changes.

We'll do all we can to accommodate your selections. Each session is offered three times to provide the opportunity to attend your favorite workshop. The exceptions to the rule are the special presentation to the entire group by Andrew Grant offered on Day One, and the Myth Buster Panel Discussion at the end of the day on Saturday at 3:50 p.m. EST.

2021 Safety Plan

As always, safety is top priority at all Writers' Police Academy events. With you and our staff in mind, MurderCon 2021 is scheduled to take place in a safe location - online, in a virtual platform (Zoom).


  • The event is virtual, so wear comfortable clothing and comfortable shoes, or no shoes. And please remember, the event is held in August. so please set your home thermostats accordingly
  • Virtual MurderCon is not physically demanding. In fact, you'll attend the entire event in the comfort of your own homes. So have a seat, rest your feet wherever you like, and settle in for two full days of intense forensics training. 
  • There is no running, exercising, lifting, pushing, pulling, etc. There is, however, some walking involved. Yes, you will be expected to walk from the couch to the restroom and refrigerator at least once or twice each day.
  • The entire virtual event is pet friendly.  
  • Due to the subject matter involved, we're a bit picky about recording our classes. Actually, we'd really appreciate it if you'd kindly adhere to the "no recordings of any kind" rules posted on the registration form.

Hey, this is a virtual event and you're at home. We encourage everyone to protect themselves and their families. But be responsible. If you own a firearm, please attend an approved safety training course.

  • Meals are as close as your kitchen. Since the event days are long, you may want to prepare a meal or two in advance, something that could be re-heated in the microwave.
  • We realize that you're attending MurderCon from home, but please be aware that some material presented may not be suitable for young eyes and ears. 
  • Sure. What you do at the end of the day is absolutely fine with us. And while you're enjoying dinner, please tell your guests about our wonderful event. Oh, and steer them toward the books written by our generous sponsors!
  • If it soothes you to surround yourself with copies of your books, then by all means pile them around your easy chair as you watch and learn from MurderCon's expert instructors.
  • Everything you’ll see during Virtual MurderCon is real. This is not a watered-down citizens police academy. Our renowned instructors are some of the best in the world and the material they present to you is the same subject matter they've taught to top investigators from around the globe. This is truly a unique experience!
  • Each registered attendee will receive a Sirchie Kit to be used during the fingerprinting session.

  • No. You’ll need to study the schedule and pick and choose the workshops that interest you the most. We do offer each workshop/class/session three times. But space is extremely limited. You are able to attend 6 of the 12 classes (3 per day). We advise to sign up early!

Common Q&A's

Cost: $325 
Date: August 6-7, 2021
Venue: Online/Virtual

Registration opens at noon EST March 14, 2021

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