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Available now from international bestselling author Lee Child, and the Writers' Police Academy - We’re offering to one extremely lucky person the opportunity to join Lee Child on the set for Amazon’s Reacher Season Two, sometime in the fall, and (hopefully!) show up as a background extra in the show. 

Here's how you can be the winner of this jaw-dropping, once in a lifetime prize.

Each year the Writers’ Police Academy hosts a raffle and auction with proceeds helping to offset the whopping expenses of producing the event. This jackpot opportunity, the REACHER Prize, is available by sealed bid. You do not have to attend the Writers’ Police Academy event to enter your bid. Although, sealed bids will be accepted at the June 2-5, 2022 Writers’ Police Academy.

To submit your bid by email, please enter REACHER BID in the subject line. In the body of the email please include your bid (in U.S. dollar amount), your name, address, and phone number. Then send the email to Lee Lofland (Writers' Police Academy founder and host) at

Bidding ends on June 19, 2022 at midnight EST. The winner of the REACHER Prize will be notified on June 21, 2022.

*The REACHER Prize –  “Will involve international travel to Canada (expenses paid, but winner must provide passport and any necessary paperwork) and might be canceled if Covid affects travel or local regulations. If canceled, the winning bid will be refunded.” ~ Lee Child

Good Luck!

Important Event Information

Due to the rapidly changing situation with COVID and its variants, we will constantly monitor and implement all recommended safety measures. As the event date draws nearer, please check this page for updates, if any. We will also contact you by the email address you provide on your registration form, if necessary. When registering for the WPA event, please be sure to list your current email address, an address you use regularly.

*Registrations rolled over from the cancelled 2020 WPA due to COVID may be redeemed only by attending the 2022 WPA, in-person. To qualify, you must have previously made the necessary arrangements/agreement to rollover the 2020 registration fee. NO REFUNDS. NO EXCEPTIONS.

*Writers' Police Academy merchandise, including t-shirts and hats, will not be available for sale in advance or at the event. If you would like to purchase items please visit the WPA online store by clicking the "Buy WPA Merchandise" link in the "About The WPA" dropdown menu at the top of this page.

Writers’ Police Academy is like going to a theme park, where you have tons of fun, but the hands-on participation sometimes causes a bit of untidiness to land on hands and clothing. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you wear comfortable clothing and shoes. Attire for the Saturday night banquet is typically business casual.

The event is designed with everyone in mind, and our staff is on hand to see to it that your needs are met. The facilities are handicap accessible and user-friendly, complete with elevators and escalators. Classrooms and activity areas are conveniently located. Volunteers are in abundance and will gladly help should you need assistance. We provide transportation from the hotel to the academy, and back.

Yes, photos are permitted and encouraged, with permission of instructors. Please ask! Video and/or audio recordings, however, are NOT allowed at any time during the event.

No weapons of any type are permitted at the Writers’ Police Academy. This includes pocketknives, TASERs, chemical sprays, throwing stars, firearms, sticks, stones, and names that could hurt someone. Again, no weapons of any type. When it’s time to shoot, strike, or spray something, we’ll provide the necessary weapon.

Your registration fee includes the group buffet breakfast on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning. Friday and Saturday lunches at the public safety academy are also included in your registration fee. You are on your own for dinner Thursday and Friday night. The Saturday night banquet with Guest of Honor Robert Dugoni is available for purchase during online registration, or by ticket.

Unfortunately, no. Writers’ Police Academy events take place at an actual law enforcement training facility where, for young children, a certain amount of danger is present. While extreme safety measures and supervision by highly trained experts is present at all times, the event does involve the use of firearms, small explosives, large vehicles, police canines, aircraft, patrol cars whose drivers are performing various maneuvers at fast speeds, and more. Also present are crime scene materials presented to attendees that are not suitable for young eyes and ears.

Yes, you may purchase extra tickets during online registration, or by purchasing a ticket separately. The banquet is open to the public, who may also purchase tickets without registering for the event.

Nearly everyone who attends the Writers’ Police Academy is an author; therefore, it would not be feasible for us to provide space and time for everybody to sell copies of their books.

All books must be sold by the event bookstore, and book sales are limited to the event presenters, special guests, sponsors, and Guest of Honor.

If you would like to become a sponsor of the 2022 Writers Police Academy, read about the benefits, and sign up.

Yes. You will be using the same equipment, vehicles, materials, and tools used by police officers and other first responders as part of their basic and in-service training.

We wish we could say yes, but it’s nearly impossible to fit every session into your event schedule. However, we have devised and implemented a plan in 2022 that allows attendees to see and participate in more of the excitement than in years past. It’s an action-packed, intense four days of fun, and learning.

Common Q&A's

Cost: $515
Date: June 2-5, 2022
Venue: Fox Cities Exhibition Center & NWTC Public Safety Training Academy

Registration opens at noon EST February 1 , 2022

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