TI Training – Interactive Use of Force Simulator

Police officers, as part of their regular duties, are faced with difficult decisions, decisions that offer no time for detailed scrutiny before reacting to the problem at hand. Often, when confronted with a potential deadly force situation, officers must perceive/identify the threat, evaluate the situation, develop a plan of action, and then set that plan in motion, all within a timeframe of less than one second. To put this scenario into perspective, a police officer’s reaction time (based on a study of 46 trained officers), when they already know the threat is there, AND, with their finger already on the trigger, is 0.365 seconds.

Still, decisions made by officers have come under increased scrutiny in recent years. This applies to not only to deadly force situations, but the apprehension of suspects, and even the decision to enter a building.

This gripping session places you, the “officer,”  in a variety of interactive situations where you will have to think  and react quickly to save lives and catch the suspects.

Public Safety Building

Jason Feucht


Friday, Friday Session 1 - Group A, Friday Session 2 - Group A, Friday Session 3 - Group A, Saturday, Saturday Session 1 - Group B, Saturday Session 2 - Group B, and Saturday Session 3 - Group B

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