Dr. Katherine Ramsland

Katherine Ramsland

Special Guest Speaker

Dr. Katherine Ramsland teaches forensic psychology and behavioral criminology in the graduate program at DeSales University in Pennsylvania. She holds master’s degrees in forensic psychology, clinical psychology, criminal justice, and creative writing, as well as a Ph.D. in philosophy.

She has appeared as an expert on more than 200 crime documentaries and magazine shows, is an executive producer of Murder House Flip, and has consulted for CSI, Bones, and The Alienist. The author of more than 1,800 articles and blogs, and 72 books, including The Forensic Science of CSI, The Forensic Psychology of Criminal Minds, How to Catch a Killer, The Psychology of Death Investigations, and Confession of a Serial Killer: The Untold Story of Dennis Rader, The BTK Killer, she was co-executive producer for the Wolf Entertainment/A&E four-part documentary based on the years she spent talking with Rader.

Ramsland consults on actual death investigations, pens a regular blog for Psychology Today, and is currently writing a fiction series based on a female forensic psychologist/suicidologist who manages a private investigation agency. Her latest books are In the Damage Path and The Serial Killer’s Apprentice.

Website: https://www.katherineramsland.net

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