Presenters and instructors

Baeleigh Andre

Baeleigh Andrae

Baeleigh Andrae began her career with the Green Bay Police Department Forensic Unit nearly nine years ago. She was GBPD’s first civilian Forensic Specialist working alongside two sworn law enforcement officers and later played a significant role in adapting the unit from sworn to all civilian positions.

Carrie Stuart Parks

Carrie Stuart Parks

Carrie Stuart Parks is an internationally known forensic artist, working on major criminal cases throughout the nation. She teaches courses in forensic art to law enforcement professionals across the US and Canada including the FBI, Secret Service, NCIS, and RCMP, and is the most widely known instructor of forensic art in the world.  

Katherine Ramsland

Dr. Katherine Ramsland

Dr. Katherine Ramsland teaches forensic psychology and behavioral criminology in the graduate program at DeSales University in Pennsylvania. She holds master’s degrees in forensic psychology, clinical psychology, criminal justice, and creative writing, as well as a Ph.D. in philosophy.

Bruce Robert Coffin

Bruce Robert Coffin is an award-winning novelist and short story writer. A retired detective sergeant, Bruce is the author of the Detective Byron Mysteries, co-author of the Turner and Mosley Files (with LynDee Walker), and author of the forthcoming Detective Justice Mysteries.

Michael A. Black

Michael A. Black

Michael A. Black is the award-winning author of 50 books, most of which are in the mystery and thriller genres. He has written in the sci-fi, western, horror, and sports genres. A retired police officer from the Chicago area, he has done everything from patrol to investigating homicides to conducting numerous SWAT operations.

Holly Maas

Holly Maas has worked in the field of forensic science since 2013, beginning her career at Grand Chute Police Department in Wisconsin. In that time, she was employed as their fulltime Evidence Technician and was responsible for processing crime scenes, training patrol officers and investigators from around the county, and maintaining evidence at the station.

Ian Nishimoto

Ian began his 30+ years of law enforcement experience at the Outagamie County Sheriff’s Department as a deputy sheriff and worked part-time for U.S. Marshal Service and other local agencies. He recently retired after 25 years of teaching from Northeast Wisconsin Technical College

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