Oconto County Sheriff’s Office K9 Unit

k9 deputy turbo

Dual Purpose Tracking and Narcotics Detection Police Service Dogs

Sergeant Chad Angus and K9 Barron, Deputy Kevin Christensen and K9 Turbo, Deputy Cullan Morrissey and K9 Emma, and Deputy James Plotkin and K9 Raven.

All four canines are dual purpose tracking and narcotics detection police service dogs.  Each canine is trained in handler protection, obedience, criminal apprehension, and tracking including evidentiary scent work. The narcotic odors they are trained to locate are marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, and their derivatives. The Sheriff’s canine teams have proven to be a valuable asset to their agency. The canines play an integral role in the agency’s criminal interdiction program; the canine teams assist in school searches for illegal drugs and regularly train with other adjacent county canine teams. The canine teams also assist other agencies as needed and are available to make public appearances.

The Oconto County Sheriff’s Office raises funds through donations from the Annual Karl Zeitler Memorial Bird Hunt, Annual Golf Outing, and from numerous Community Organizations and Businesses.


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