Dr. Bryan W. Brendley

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Dr. Bryan W. Brendley is an Associate Professor of Biology at Guilford College’s Biology Department and Forensics Institute in North Carolina. His specific areas of focus are cell biology, botany, & forensic anthropology. Dr. Brendley has conducted years of research on the impact of insects on decomposing small animal bodies with his students where he teaches a comprehensive forensic science program.

In 1996, Dr. Brendley earned his PhD in Plant Physiology at Pennsylvania State University, specializing in molecular biology/biotechnology. He also holds a BS degree in Biology and a BA in History, both from The College of William and Mary.

As a renowned expert, he has published numerous works that include “Searching for narrow spectrum antibiotics from microbes in soil from Presque Isle, Pennsylvania” ~ Journal of Young Investigators. April. Volume 11, Issue 4, among others.

His works-in-progress include “Evaluation of Envelope Security using a Variety of Methods and Inks, and The Mystery Bones of Guilford College: A Case Report.”

Dr. Brendley currently serves as a cold case consultant for High Point North Carolina Police Department, and as a volunteer crime laboratory consultant for the same department.

As a highly sought-after lecturer and educator, Dr. Bendley is often called upon to present workshops such as Clandestine Grave Recovery, Forensic Palynology, The Crime Scene Is Fluid: Making the Transition from Land-Based to Water-Based Crime Scenes, Introduction to Drowning Forensics, Mapping of Drowning Deaths in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania: Patterns of Possible Homicides, Learning from the Dead: Bones Solve The Crime, Mosses and Low-Growing Friends: An Afternoon Journey, Forensic Dental Identification, and Fedoras & Femurs: The Legal Side of Forensic Anthropology, to name only a few of his popular sessions.

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