Virtual Reality Police Training Simulator

The sheer unpredictability of calls and situations that an officer faces sets their job far apart from any other occupation—the person you believe to be a witness to a homicide may, in fact, be the suspect; encounters with individuals can quickly change from dealing with someone who’s calm and cooperative, to a person who’s combative with deadly intentions. To better handle all types of situations, from peaceful to life-threatening, academies use real-time scenario-based training, including virtual reality.

Participants in this heart-pounding hyper-realistic session use a state-of-the-art Apex Officer VR system that places them (virtually) into numerous environments and circumstances where they will have to think quickly to make the right decisions! This is the same training system used by law enforcement officers around the world.

Universal Driving Facility

Erik Walters

UD Simulator

Friday, Friday Session 1 - Group B, Friday Session 2 - Group B, Friday Session 3 - Group B, Saturday, Saturday Session 1 - Group A, Saturday Session 2 - Group A, and Saturday Session 3 - Group A

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