Forced Entry – The Search For, and Capture, of an Armed Suspect

You and your team are dispatched to a location (our full-scale forced entry structure) where potentially armed and dangerous suspects are hiding. Upon arrival, you and your partners must enter to clear the building and apprehend the offenders. This course will have you ‘slice the pie’ as you make entry into an unknown building to begin your search.

Participants experience first-hand the heart-pounding, adrenaline rush of “going in.” What if the armed suspect is around the next corner? How many suspects are inside? What type of weapons do they possess? What if they’re a wanted person who’s threatened to kill all police officers who try to capture them?

*Explosive devices are used during this session; therefore, participants may be required to wear protective gear during this thrilling hands-on exercise.

Forced Entry Structure (FES)

Jon Nejedlo

Brian Jordan

Friday, Friday Session 1 - Group A, Friday Session 2 - Group A, Friday Session 3 - Group A, Saturday, Saturday Session 1 - Group B, Saturday Session 2 - Group B, and Saturday Session 3 - Group B

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