Child Abduction/Murder

This child abduction/murder case involves a 12 year old girl who was kidnapped at knife point from her bedroom while enjoying a sleepover with two of her friends.  This case gained national attention as families across the US heard about it and started thinking about the safety of their own children.  The local police department and FBI worked side-by-side on this case.  The original crime scene was searched by the local police and again by the FBI Evidence Response Team (ERT).  Numerous other crime scene searches were conducted during the two months leading to the recovery of the victim’s body.  The diligence of using old techniques and new technology resulted in finding key trace evidence and a partial palm print that later identified the perpetrator.  This case is a great example of how minute evidence from multiple scenes fit together to link the many scenes involved in the case.  The presentation will follow the evidence to tell the story and will graphically show the connections which solved the case.

David Alford

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